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How about the C.M.Y.K 4 color sublimation ink usage in digital printing


In digital sublimation printing, output color is created by combining different percentages of a baseline set of inks. The most common printer color configuration is CMYK — cyan, magenta, yellow and black. With this ink combination, you can print a wide range of colors, typically in excess of 600,000 variations.


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While this sounds like a palette of unlimited artistic opportunities, one ink set doesn’t work for all needs.


For everyday jobs, such as apparel, personalization, promotional products, signs, etc., CMYK sublimation ink usually is sufficient, as it provides a wide range of vivid color not only for graphics, but also for photography. In fact, with output resolutions as high as 1,200 dpi x 1,200 dpi, the results can be spectacular.


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However, some shops need more focused options to deliver specific colors for specific applications. For example, many corporate, event and team logos require exact color matches when it comes to reproduction. They may provide PMS or RGB color codes, expecting them to automatically generate the exact color required by the graphic. However, that is not the case and the sublimation printing must use a process called spot-color matching that fine-tunes printer output colors so they match the input colors.


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This process can be daunting because color changes as it moves through the system from an electronic file to a printed image. The ink, printer, paper and substrate influence the final color. Though color-management programs are designed to help compensate for these variables, it still takes work to deliver the proper output.


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