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Why your image printing with Incorrect Output Colors, how to solve it?



Someone doing the sublimation printing always have the problem for incorrect output colors, what cause this problem and how to solve it? Today we will share you the solution by our technical staff.


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Here’s a rule of thumb: Output color is correct, it’s the input color that’s wrong.

The problem of color mismatch is not the result of a defective system. Rather, it comes from the fact that there are multiple pieces of image-rendering equipment involved in the process, each having different methods and ranges of color management.


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First, the computer monitor displays in RGB mode, while the printer is printing in CMYK mode. With sublimation, what comes out of the printer is not the final color, as it will shift again during the pressing. It’s kind of like translating French to English to Spanish. You can get the general message across, but rarely is there a word-to-word match-up. The key is to correlate or match the color on the screen to the color that ends up on the finished substrate. 


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If you have purchased a sublimation system that includes a printer driver, the software helps to manage the printing functions with regard to sublimation. In addition, if you are using CorelDRAW or Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with your system, you should have installed the manufacturer’s designated color palette into your graphics program. Only use that palette when making color choices, as it will ensure a much better correlation between the screen image and the final image.


In addition to loading your palette into the graphics program, you also should create reference charts that correlate the final production colors to what you see on the screen. To do this, simply print the color palette that is used by your sublimation printer driver. Then press it onto a reference substrate, such as a coated metal panel. This becomes a visual representation of what the colors will look like in their final form.


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Select your design’s colors based on this chart (output) rather than relying on the screen colors (input). It may not look correct on the screen, but you will know what it will look like when it comes off the press.


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