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Whats the Common Mistakes When Doing Sublimation Printing? (二)


Last article we introduce the problem with printer when doing sublimation printing, today we will follow last article, introduce you some common mistake you may meet with the sublimation paper and ink.


sublimation printing


(1)Printing on the wrong side of the paper


You may be printing on the wrong side of the paper. As stated above, the coated side of the sublimation paper is brighter than the uncoated side. So be sure to print on the brighter side, If you are printing on the wrong side of the paper, you will get the same result as when you use plain paper. 


sublimation printing


(2)Follow the instructions for your product


Most imprintable blanks will come with their own instructions. Please follow them carefully.  Each type of blank may have a different set of instructions.  If unsure, please confirm the instructions with your vendor. If you accidentally installed the OEM inks that came with your printer instead of sublimation inks, this is what you will get.


sublimation printing


Sublimation is an easy to learn method to print onto a variety of substrates including 100% polyester clothing, bags, ceramic mugs, tiles, plaques, etc.  But the instructions have to be followed accurately to achieve consistent results. Also the setup of your sublimation printer has to be correct.  Sawgrass (A Manufacturer of sublimation inks) has posted excellent videos of how to setup your sublimation printers. Here are some useful links below for your reference.


sublimation printing


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