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When do you need use the Tacky Sublimation Paper ?



As we know know, sublimation paper are so hot know, some new person add this area, there are a question always confuse them,  there are 2 kind sublimation paper, fast dry and tacky, when should we use the tacky paper? Today we will let you know.


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Before use the tacky sublimation paper, you need learn the reason that causes the ghosting is because your lift the press up, the paper and textile will also go up with the heat press (electrostatic effect), so if you lift the press up too fast, it creates some vacuum , and drop the image back down, when that happens, it shifts the media, causing the ink to transfer to another area.


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In the whole heat press process, the roll machine provide much control to the paper and textile, the paper and the textile, they are firmly stick to each other from the beginning to the end, there’s no chance that they will separate in the process. So there’s no chance that the ghosting will come. In that case, normal sublimation paper could do the job very well, tacky sublimation paper is unnecessary even though the textile has elastic. (if you are using this type ,you will understand what we are talking about, if you don’t, you could watch those videos about rotary heat press transfer).


So tacky sublimation paper is only used in : First, you are doing with flat-bad heat press, second ,the textile is stretch material, or it is easy to move. 


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But some clients still use tacky sublimation paper, maybe they were told by others that in the whole market, people are using tacky sublimation paper, or there is sychology effection in their mind that tacky sublimation paper could do better job than high-speed paper, because the tacky paper provides a 100% security to my transfer that the ghosting will not occur any more. We suggest if you are using the tacky sublimation paper, but actually in our opinion high-speed paper is enough in your job, you could make a small test with the high-speed paper, a few test need only a little investment, but if the test is succeed , it will help you save more cost and help your company become more competitive in your market.


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