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How About the Sublimation Printing Material in India Market



Last week we said that we will share some information for someone new want to start the sublimation printing business, today we will introduce the India Market for you. As we all know India has abundant cotton resources, a large number of labor resources also long experience in the development of the textile industry, textiles and clothing production were ranked first in the world, exports are also ranked the forefront of the world. 


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In India, we have customer who produce the home textile, sportswear and the sublimated clothes, also have many customer who are the distributor for sublimation Material like sublimation paper, ink also the Printer. We have statistics the total order from India customer, follow we will share you the best selling paper and ink also the printer for you.



For the sublimation paper, before 100gsm sublimation paper 44" and 63" are the best selling one, but now, more and more india customer like use light weight sublimation paper to save the printing cost like 45gsm and 75gsm jumbo rolls Sublimation Paper, less like use 90gsm sublimation paper, the width haven't change, 44" and 64" are also famous.


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For the sublimation ink, the most selling is our China Brand sublimation ink, this ink have the high release transfer rate also the brilant colour, the most advantages are the attractive price.


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For the Printer, the high speed printer like MS-JP 3/ 5/7 are hot in the textile printing market, if the normal use, Oric sublimation printer is the most selling one, this machine from 1.6m to 3.3m print width all have with the DX-5 printhead or 5113 printer. 


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We supplier many kinds Sublimation Material like Sublimation paper, sublimation ink also the sublimation printer, any need, pls feel free to let me know, we will waiting for you!


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