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Analysis The Sublimation Printing On Recent Sublimation Printing Market


The transfer dye-sub process is known for impressive output quality, as well as the lasting bond it forges through sublimation between ink and fabric. However, it does require the added step of printing to paper. 


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We often focus on the printing technologies and the inks that enable dye-sub, but here we look at the heat transfer paper that makes the transfer dye-sub process possible. This media is coated to carry an image printed with dye-sub inks so that it can be transferred to the final media when heated.


Many considerations go into selecting the best transfer paper for a job, including weight and tack, and it is often based on the end product, such as apparel or signage.


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While the weight of dye-sub transfer paper can range from 45 to 160 gsm, the most common weights fall between 90 and 110 gsm. Some dye-sub transfer papers also have a light tack, which is activated by heat. This type of paper is ideal for apparel applications and can help prevent ghosting. She adds that it is important to remember that when sublimating, coated transfer paper must be used and the fabric needs to be 100 percent polyester for the best results.


So different paper have different usage, you need depand on your needs choose the right sublimation for you use.


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