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Why We Advice You Our 120gsm Heavy Weight Sublimation Paper


The sublimation have been the most popular word in fabric industry lately . Because Sublimation printing is a flexible digital printing technology. You can express individual design and way on fabric through sublimation printing. Now, many gram appear in the paper market, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm, also the 120gsm. To solve the printing cost the paper becoming thinner and thinner. But today i will introduce you one kind heavy weight 120gsm sublimation paper.


sublimation paper


Our 120gsm Sublimation paper is a stable quality products which has been designed for all kinds of textile applications offering a superior ink release and color transfer yield, along with good dimensional stability, high ink absorption rate, and low cockling energy.


sublimation paper

Our 120gsm sublimation paper is a perfect choice for applications which require heavy ink loading and higher ink saturation. When you are printing large area of deep color, like large area of black color, you’d better choose the 120gsm sublimation paper , the ideal humidity is between 60%-70%RH. Ink loading is an important factor because it is related with the water absorption by the paper. Since sublimation paper is vulnerable due to it can be easily affect by moisture, so the higher the ink loading, the heavier the paper has to be,in order to accept the moisture from the ink without any printing problem.


sublimation paper


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