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Sports and Functional Textiles Printing With The Right Heat Transfer Paper


Heat transfer paper is a wonderful innovation that allows printing on many different surfaces; you can utilize it to print on many different surfaces and create stunning designs on bags, T-shirts and variety of other materials. Heat transfer paper is specially designed to digitally print using inkjet or laser printers. Amazing images are then transferred to a variety of garments as well as hard surfaces by the use of heat and pressure. When choosing heat transfer paper, the type you select will depend on the substrate you will be transferring to. They are quite cost-effective and make the whole printing process economical. 


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Our Heat transfer Paper are committed to making products which are environmentally safe and conform to green standards. Different colored fabrics require different types of heat transfer papers. Light colored fabrics will require a heat transfer paper for lights for instance. To have your images show up on dark fabrics, heat transfer papers for dark fabrics will be required.


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Standard heat transfer papers have a polymer background which is transferred with the printed image. Most heat transfer papers work best with a heat press which is recommended for a more professional and long lasting result because they can reach the temperatures required for a reliable transfer. 


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Projects using sublimation transfer paper can be eye-catching when you make use of the right products. We dont only a national supplier of OEM toner and inkjet supplies, we are a trusted supplier who understand that heat transfer papers vary with their capabilities.


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