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 New Products Line Sensient Elvajet Sublimation Ink, Have you use it before?


In general digital technology offers advantages over conventional printing methods, and this is equally true for sublimation transfer printing. Considerable savings are to be made by eliminating intermediate printing steps and making the process more efficient and flexible. Thanks to the novel developments in machines, printheads and inks, industrial production is increasing at a high rate. 


Sublimation ink


Sensient Imaging Technologies Specialty Inks and Colors, is a leading pioneer in the field of sublimation printing. A few years ago, Sensient has initiated the development and launch of the ElvaJet range of products and so brought to the market the reference inks in sublimation. 


Sublimation ink


Sensient ElvaJet Inks set a new standard in sublimation transfer printing onto polyester based materials. This series opens the way to new heights in the production of garments, sports wear, interior textiles and banners. Sensient ElvaJet inks not only deliver the highest performance in terms of printablity, but also the unique possiblity of easy and fast ink installation. The ElvaJet series is suitable for most printers using Epson DX piezo printheads. ElvaJet inks are unrivalled in quality and performance, and enable the most cost effective and efficient printing in the industry today.


Sublimation ink

This new ink series offers substantial cost and time savings. Elvajet Sublimation ink users can easily and significantly improve efficiency thanks to key advantages including:

Ease of inks installation


Unmatched open time and immediate start after printing pause

Fast drying and high transfer rate (on coated and uncoated paper)

Superior colour strength at much lower ink consumption

Outstanding printability on virtually any printer equipped with Epson DX printheads


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