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How About the Italy J-NEXT SUBLY Sublimation Ink?


J-NEXT SUBLY is a new generation water based dye-sublimation ink from J-Teck. J-NEXT's innovative formulation meets the requirements of today's hi-speed piezo-head printers from Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and all OEM printers. J-NEXT is suitable for printing on any kind of coated paper for subsequent transfer to polyester and mixed polyester fabrics for sportswear, flag & banner, snowboards, skateboards, promotional gadgets, gambling tables and moare.


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J-Next Subly is the new generation water-based ink for digital sublimation application. it has been meticulously developed by J-teck R&D lab to offer high quality perforemances on any piezo digital printer but particularly on these equipped with DX5/6/7 print heads. this is possible thanks Cluster Technology. the exclusive sysystem stuided by J-teck to encapsulate the pigment molecules allowing for a smooth passage through the printing heads with no alteration. the innovation formulation of J-Next Subly sublimation ink guarantees fast drying on paper, excellent color release and image definition, optimal ink fluidity and printability.


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J-NEXT ink is made with "cluster technology" which encapsulates the ink’s molecules for stability and easier pass through high speed piezo head print heads. Made with the same nanodot technology and ecofriendly characteristics, J-NEXT inks are a direct replacement for J-Teck eco-SUBLY inks.


For application on different material such as polyammide, the transfer or thermofixing temperature varies according to chemical-pysical characteristics of the substrate to be printed. For instance, the plastic sheet used in skis and snowboards manufacturing are transferred at 170-180 °C for 90/120 seconds.


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