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Do you want start dye sublimation printing business? Anything you need to Prepare?


If you are thinking of starting a sublimation printing business or wondering what you can and can’t sublimate,here are a few pieces of information that should help you understand what you can sublimate and what may not be an ideal choice when it comes to sublimating a product.


dye sublimation printing


The first thing you need to know is that hard goods suitable for sublimation paper need to be poly coated,such as ceramic, glass, crystal, puzzle etc.  This means that you can’t go to a store and buy a ramdon mug and sublimate it. There are sprays that can be used to coat items for sublimation, and going that route may be a viable choice for some people.For most people, however,the easiest route is to buy sublimation blanks already coated. This will ensure that you get a quality blank with a smooth coating that is designed to stand up to the temperatures needed to get a good sublimated print. 


dye sublimation printing


When it comes to sublimating fabric,100% polyester fabric will always give you the best result.There are several t-shirt brands,among them Vapor Apparel,that make 100% polyester shirts that are comfortable to wear and have a nice feel.These shirts are designed especially for sublimation paper and come in an array of colors that are suitable for this decoration discipline.


dye sublimation printing


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