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Whats the Different Between Dye Based Ink and Pigment Based Ink


As we all now, Water based ink are widely used in in inkjet printing market, following we will introduce you the detail for the water based ink.


dye based ink


Water based inks come in two flavours: dye based ink and pigment based ink. Dye based inks generally offer a larger colour gamut than that of pigment based inks, and are less prone to metamerism where the hue or colour changes when the print is viewed under different types of light. On the other hand pigment based inks are considered more durable, with better light fastness than dye based inks. Water based inks typically print best on paper. But the paper needs to have special surface treatment so that the ink doesn’t spread uncontrollably on the surface, messing up the print’s appearance. This is especially important for paper types which appear to be uncoated. 


dye based ink


It’s usually not possible to print with dye based sublimation ink on conventional offset papers either, at least not with an acceptable result. The ink in digital wide format printers needs to be viscous enough to pass through the tiny nozzles in the printhead, and also keep their shape when jetted to the substrate.When using dye based ink the droplets can be very small, so this type of ink is particularly suitable for very high resolution output. These inks normally have no odour, but as with all chemicals the user should avoid skin contact. With some inks in their liquid state there can be some risk of an allergic reaction with repeated contact directly onto the skin. 


dye based ink


As mentioned, latex inks fall under the general category of water based inks, but are often referred to as a special type of ink. While water- and pigment based, the key component is the polymer dispersed in the water.The water is dried out of the print instantly through fans and heaters, so prints exit the printer completely dry. They can be laminated straightaway without the need of degassing. Latex inks stretch well, so they are popular for vehicle graphics. 


dye based ink


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