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Epson MicroPiezo TFP PrintHead for Epson Printer


Epson TFP printhead suitable for Epson solvent based printers. The DX7, also known as the Epson Micro Piezo TFP Printhead,  is the latest in Epson printhead technology. It has 10 channels and 360 nozzles per channel. It has a 3,5 picoliter drop size with Variable-Sized Droplet technology. This is the original Epson Printhead. 


TFP PrintHead



Efficient, precise and repeatable performance and excellent image quality

Low vibration meniscus control for highly accurate dot shape and placement

One-inch wide print head with 720 nozzles per color

Ink repelling coating technology for reduced print head maintenance

Optimized specifically for UltraChrome dye-sublimation inks improving the print head life.


TFP PrintHead



Technology: Advanced MicroPiezo® TFP printhead with ink repelling coating Technology

Type: Drop on demand inkjet printhead

Number of channels: 10

Operating frequency: Up to 50 kHz

Drop volume: 1.5 - 3.5 picoliters (Multi drop size technology)

Nozzle per channel: 360

Total amount of nozzle: 3600

Compatible ink types: Solvent  


TFP PrintHead


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