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How About the Original Epson Sublimation Ink


As we all know Epson printer machine are widely used in the textile printing area, so how to keep the machine in good repair is a challenge for all of as. For the digital printer, there are 2 things are important, sublimation paper and sublimation ink.


Sublimation ink


For the sublimation paper, you need to test the paper by your epson printer before order large quantity, to check the paper weather smooth and with no curl coating, then test the transfer rate and colour.


Sublimation ink


For the sublimation ink, today we will specially introduce you the original epson ink (C,M,Y,HDK) with chips, this ink is produce by epson company, its specially for the Epson printer, it has vibrant and bright colors, very good shelf-life, optimal ink fluidity and printability through piezo-heads, excellent image definition in direct printing and transfer as well, also very good fastness properties. It guarantees high quality printing result with wide color gamut and smooth printing without any trouble.


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