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44”(1118mm) Epson SureColor F6200 Printer for Dye Sublimation Printing


The SureColor F6200 was developed using the latest advancements in performance imaging, this innovative system includes our exclusive PrecisionCore TFP print head, along with an all-new dye-sublimation ink technology - Epson UltraChrome DS.


Epson SureColor F6200



The Epson SureColor F6200 printe rhas been designed by engineers from the ground up for Dye-Sublimation production printing. The SureColor F6200 utilizes an all-new UltraChrome DS ink set with High-Density Black output and print resolutions up to 1440x720 dpi. Epson's SureColor F6200 comes with a one year limited on-site warranty with the product registration. The future of dye sublimation printing is here, call today and learn how the F6200 can transform your business.  


Epson SureColor F6200



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