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The Connection Between Custom Garment Printing And Sublimation Transfer Printing

Fashion clothing is well received by a large great number of many people ,when refer to designing and creating your own t-shirts, choosing the right t-shirt printing technique is one of the most significant calls you want to make in the t-shirt process. Custom printing has existed as an industrial process since the early 20th century. But printing methods have been traced back to ancient times. A printing technique that is still popular today, screen printing, was used in China nearly two thousand years ago. Up until recently, custom printing was regarded as a trade and small printing shops could be found in nearly every town in America. The internet changed all that by lowering the barriers to entry.

sublimation printing
 Because of the existence of custom garment printing service,sublimation transfer printing has gaining a huge place in the world.Sublimation printing is usually consisted of dye sublimation ink ,heat press machine ,sublimation transfer paper,and so on.Dye sublimation transfer printing is a very different kind of transfer printing - a process whereby a solid dye, when subjected to heat and pressure, turns into a gas and can then be transferred to a synthetic fabric (preferably polyester). When the gas goes into the polyester fibres it re-solidifies as a solid color again. It is an ideal process for many corporate clothing kinds of applications such as sports shirts, overalls and swimwear.It is believed that this technology gained so much popularity because of the enlarged demands in the fields of digital photography.
sublimation printing
 The advantage of sublimation transfer paper with dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper decides to its popularity in garment printing.