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The Origin Of The Inktec SubliNova Sublimation Ink


SubliNova is the new brand name of InkTec's dye sublimation ink. This name is derived from the words ‘Sublimation and ‘Innovation’. Nova means ‘new star’, which reflects our desire to become a new star-player in the worldwide sublimation market. SubliNova is easily recognizable as a sublimation ink whilst also highlighting the innovation that went into producing it.


SubliNova Sublimation Ink


SubliNova Advanced is specially formulated to suit for the plotters equipped with DX7 which have higher printing speed as well as those with DX5 head. It guarantees high quality printing result with wide color gamut and smooth printing without any trouble. 


SubliNova Sublimation Ink


InkTec has been providing high quality of dye sublimation inks on the basis of InkTec’s own dispersed technology. InkTec’s dye sublimation inks provide high intensity colors because the particles are spread evenly. To make clear on InkTec dye sublimation inks, we try to evaluate the key factors of ink - durability, color and light fastnessy using objective technical methods.


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