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Why Polyester Fabric Are Good For Sublimation Printing


When sublimation transfer papers, placed on the desired surface for printing, pressed below predefined heat by using transfer printing machines, solid sublimation dye particles in the form of micro particles on the transfer paper turns into a gas form. If there are polyester molecules exist in the environment, dye turned into gas form paints polyester molecules. If there is no polyester on printing surface, paint in gas form mixes with the air. As you will understand here, polyester – polyamide molecules must exist on products to be printed using sublimation transfer printing method. Otherwise no transfer can be achieved. 


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Generally, polyester and polyamide (lycra, nylon) are used for sublimation paper printing on fabric in sport wears and outwears. Mixed synthetic (min. 60% synthetic fibers) are used for printing on fabric in sport wears and outwears. In production of sportive materials like ski boards, windsurfing boards, water skiing equipment materials, polyester having plastic raw materials are used for printing. Surfaces like wood, ceramics, glass coated with polyester raw materials and polyamide raw materials can be used for printing. 


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