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What is Sublimation Papers & How to Ensure Its Quality


Sublimation paper is used with sublimation inks for heat transfer printing. Customers sometimes overlook the sublimation paper when setting up a heat transfer system. They spent much time on researching the right heat temperature and sublimation inks for better heat transfer printing quality. The sublimation paper is often a last minute buying decision. Also, some customers assume that this sublimation paper is actually a normal A4 we could buy outside. Now sublimation paper is actually playing a critical role in the final output quality of your sublimated products.


sublimation paper


For the sublimation paper quality, how to ensure it, its a big problem for the customer, generally speaking, there are just one way, find a stable sublimation paper manufacture as supplier, test the paper by yourself, check the paper weather good for you, then build long business relation ship.


sublimation paper


Suzhou Full Color Paper Industrial Co.,LTD is professional sublimation paper manufacturer in China.We are mainly dealing with Fast Dry Sublimation Paper, Medium/High Sticky Sublimation Paper, Light/Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper, Dye Sublimation Ink, Heat Press Machine, Inkjet Printer also the Laser Cutting machine.



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