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How To Print Tee Shirts with Digital Heat Transfers Paper

You can use an iron with these transfers but if you use a heat press the transfer quality, durability and longevity will be greatly enhanced and increased. The amount of heat and pressure that the heat press applies is far greater than that of a household iron. In fact I say that using a good working heat press with any transfer material will improve the quality of the transfer material’s performance. Thus making it look better and last longer.And that would have separated much of the transfer from itself as well. Since this was a prototype for me to get some feedback on the design, it worked out just fine for me.But when you create your artwork for standard heat transfers for light garments, it is critical to take this into account. If you can design the artwork to work with the limitations of the transfer process, you can make some really cool shirts at home.

t shirt transfer paper

Until Now,maybe someone will have a question that if it is just a screen printed heat transfer, can I print them myself? Well yes, the transfer is a directly screen printed image done in reverse order using sublimation inks, that are printed onto a transfer paper and semi cured. Sometimes this is done with standard dye sublimation inks with an adhesive layer that is applied before semi curing. Other dye transfers may be made with dye inks made specifically for transfer paper and do not require an adhesive before being semi cured. More often than not, a hot melt adhesive will be used to improve adhesion and avoid any peeling or flaking issues.

When you are ready to print tee shirts with t shirt transfer paper ,there are three point you should bear in mind :
1) Be sure to mirror or flip your image prior to printing.
2) Be sure to print on the bright white side of the paper.
3) Be sure to use Sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper
t shirt transfer paper

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