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What’s Sublimation and Whats Need You Prepare if You Want Do the Transfer Printing


The sublimation market is growing. Dye sublimation printing is more and more used as it offers multiple advantages compared to its counterpart: traditional printing .


Sublimation printing


Sublimation is an ecological and revolutionary printing technique which corresponds to a transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid. In a less scientific language, the sublimation consists to print an image in mirror mode on a paper called transfer paper, to warm it and to transfer it on another support (generally on textile).


Sublimation printing


Being a digital printing technique, sublimation requires possessing an inkjet printer and special sublimation inks. Once the paper is printed, it must be positioned on a material made at least of 65 % of polyester or on another support (ceramic, wood, glass …) which has been coated beforehand by an industrial polyester varnish. The paper and the support are placed on top of each other and then warmed thanks to a press or a calender. The inks present in the paper will then turn into gas and penetrate the support allowing the transfer of the image.


Sublimation printing

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