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Why We Advice You Original Epson Sublimation Ink


Epson Dye Transfer Sublimation Ink is ideal for high-speed digital printing of sublimation heat transfers for both polyester fabrics and polyester-coated hard surfaces. From superior color vibrancy, image quality and ink yield, to reduced maintenance and trouble-free unattended printing, Original Epson sublimation ink delivers an industrial solution for your business.


original epson ink


The Advantages for the Original Epson Ink:

Produces superior color results with the industry’s largest color gamut

Specially formulated to provide extended run-ability with minimal maintenance and maximum uptime

Provides better ink yield resulting in high density images with lower ink consumption

Dries quickly to improve color uniformity and reduce waste

Operates at high-speed print modes without sacrificing color fidelity

High yield transfer rates with all commercially available transfer papers


original epson ink


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