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Why Sublimation Ink Are More And More Popular In Digital Printing Area



Sublimation ink can be printed and transferred onto various coated media using heat transfer machines. We provides 4 color, 6color sublimation ink for piezo-electric printers such as Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland or Epson. 


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Sublimation Ink is a perfect solution for heat transferring images onto pre-coated ceramics, metals and plastic. The list of applications is endless: mugs, decorative tiles, fridge magnets, mouse mats, trophies and even surf boards. Due to the wide variety of substrates available, working with these inks opens the door to short or long run, quick response promotional gifts and product sampling. The process of transferring the image is quick and clean with excellent transfer from paper to the substrate.


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Designed for printing onto polyester substrates, these versatile sublimation inks will sublime onto polyester rich apparel fabrics, for example sports wear; carpet fabrics; sails and flagging material. Fabrics retain their natural handle making this process ideal for garment sampling and also promotional banners. These printed fabrics are hard wearing and washable. Further information on Textile Ink products is available.


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