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How About The 64” Epson SureColor F9200 Printer



Epson SureColor F9280 is the primary double head Ejecta printing machine, the equipment structure has been also enhanced, and is outfitted with two free ink supply framework, to make it more suitable for steady, continuous fast yield. 1.626m print width of line with the standard printing industry, move to-move printing engineering additionally meet the generation needs of fabric printing.


Epson SureColor F9280 Printer


Epson concentrate on the most extraordinary logical exploration, joined with the printer equipment, Micro Piezo print head structure and working attributes of the equipment, conforming the physical and compound properties of the ink, the ink and the machine to accomplish the best fit.


Epson SureColor F9280 Printer


With the new high-thickness dark ink exchange fabric has a higher dark thickness, for top of the line computerized printing business, whether it is dress creation or publicizing light boxes, has a decent execution. Clients can utilize the standard dark ink or utilizing a high grouping of dark ink.


Epson SureColor F9280 Printer


Epson SureColor F9280 is the microjet printing machine that Epson maintain steady style, this is a basic equipment overhauls and supplies, as well as to give another and more magnificent warmth exchange to the business microjet printing process and printing arrangements. Epson furnishes clients with more decision, from configuration to generation, to the print settings, consequently the client can choose the fitting miniaturized scale plane printing arrangements with a mix of the attributes of their own endeavors and organizations, genuinely picking the right projects to do their own particular business. 


Epson SureColor F9280 Printer


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