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Whats The Dye Sublimation Printing


Dye sublimation is a core method for printing onto fabric. There is a variety of equipment and inks for dye-sub graphics, ranging from entry level to industrial.


dye sublimation printing


Dye sublimation printing requires heat the act of sublimation occurs when the inks are warmed, turn into a gaseous state, and permeate the substrate. With direct dye-sub, the sublimation process occurs directly on the fabric. With transfer dye-sub, a graphic is first printed onto transfer paper and then infused on the fabric through an external heat source. Although the transfer and direct methods differ, they also share many common benefits.


dye sublimation printing


No printing method fits every application, and each approach and technology offers benefits. However, dye sublimation is a go-to method of fabric printing for durability and color. Dye sublimation also delivers a wide and vivid color gamut, often with only four colors. It’s easier for the print provider to capture and replicate the nuances of the graphic.


dye sublimation printing


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