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The Importance For The Heat Press Machine


The use of a heat press is necessary for dye sublimation printing and heat transfer. Heat from the press executes the sublimation process, which is the act of converting ink to a gaseous state and infusing the textile fibers. In the case of heat transfer, sufficient heat is applied to bond graphics to a variety of materials.


heat press machine


Depending on the specific application, the operator’s expertise, and a shop’s volume and budgetary needs, a print service provider offering dye-sub has a variety of choices. A range of heat press options are available, including smaller flatbed solutions, like popular clamshell and swing away, or rotary equipment.


heat press machine


While a seemingly simple piece of equipment, heat presses are essential for sublimation and heat transfer. To ensure consistency, it is important to invest in quality solutions that are right for your particular environment.


heat press machine


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