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New Kind Fast Dry Sublimation Paper You Have Never Seen


Sublimation papers are used in transfer printing images in applications such as clothing, household articles, display and technology. The first step of the process involves using inkjet technology to print the images onto the sublimation papers. In a second stage, they are then heat transferred onto clothing, sportswear, flags, advertising or decorative articles (such as mugs or mouse pads), for example.To date, papers with swellable ink-receiving coatings were used but as processing turnaround times become increasingly faster the drying times these papers require are becoming a limiting factor.


fast dry sublimation paper


Our Company recently produce a new fast dry sublimation paper. These papers are also able to absorb water far more quickly, which means they can be used on the latest and fastest sublimation printers without a problem and without the need for an additional drying unit. This special kind of coating can also significantly shorten the sublimation process. The transferred images or information also has very sharp detail and line definition.


fast dry sublimation paper


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