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Do You Interested In A Sublimation Ink With Competitive Price


Today we will introduce you our best selling sublimation ink. As we all know, the sublimation printing are so hot in recently digital printing market, so there also many kind of sublimation ink, such as inktec sublinove sublimation ink, J-teck sublimation ink, original epson sublimation ink, but today, we will introduce you the China supplier, good quality, cheap price sublimation ink.

sublimation ink


This kind Sublimation ink offering for printing on polyester textile substrates. Designed to work with coated dye sublimation papers, the ink meets the needs of quality conscious textile printers in multiple areas including garment decoration, fast fashion/couture, point of purchase signage and trade booth construction.


sublimation ink


Our sublimation ink achieves exceptional color standards with deep, rich blacks and outstanding color saturation. It also offers excellent jetting characteristics, which means less cleaning and ink waste, lower down time on press and a more trouble-free workflow. The quality control and manufacturing expertise that the ink the user purchases will be consistent and predictable batch-to-batch. 


sublimation ink

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