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What's The Features Of The Tacky Sublimation Paper

sublimation paper while heat pressing process. Eliminate "ghosting issues" caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage. Reduce waste to an absolute minimum. Today we will introduce you the detail features of the tacky sublimation paper.


tacky sublimation paper


First is about the usage. You need print images by sublimation in on tacky sublimation paper and wait until ink is dry, then place the printed face on the textile, heat and press them by flat or roller heat machine under the temperature of 200°C to 220°C for 20s-25s. At this time our paper will stick on the textile, last after heating, wait until paper and textile cooling and tear off the paper from the textile. You will fined the image is transferred to the textile clearly.


tacky sublimation paper


Second is that there are something need you notice when use tacky sublimation paper. 1).Make sure the ink of the image dry before doing the transfer.2).Do not leave tacky sublimation paper under high temperature environment before doing the transfer.Otherwise it will affect the viscosity of tacky sublimation paper.3)Different and humidity affects the viscosity of tacky paper. If paper sticks too fast on the cloth after printing, waiting 3-5 min or more until the cloth is totally cool and tearing. 


tacky sublimation paper


Last, if you find your tacky sublimation not dry fast, don’t worry, its not you buy the bad paper, all tacky paper are can’t dry fast as instant dry paper.



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