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How About The Quality For T-shirt Transfer Paper


T-shirt transfer paper is a specially inkjet transfer paper for 100% cotton fabric,this transfer paper is used for black or dark-colored T-shirts, gift bags,

mouse pads, photographs on quilts etc.


t-shirt transfer paper


We are the manufacture of the inkjet transfer paper, like sublimation paper, heat transfer paper and the T-shirt transfer paper, today we will introduce you our T-shirt transfer paper.


t-shirt transfer paper


For the T-shirt transfer paper we have 2 kind, normal quality t-shirt tranfer paper and good quality t-shirt transfer paper, our T-shirt transfer paper gives you great result for any dark colour fabrics, compatible with all types of inkjet printers, water resistant, high transfer rate and fast drying also can crisp image quality with bright colours that stay long even after washing. The different for the 2 quality is the washing time, normal quality just can wash 40 times, good quality can wash 100 times.


t-shirt transfer paper

If you are retailer, we introduce you 2 kind, because different customer need different price, if you are self use, i think the good quality will be better for you.


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