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Whats The Advantages Of Industrial Light-weight 75gsm Sublimation Paper


Now more and more customer want to save the sublimation printing cost by change supplier, as we all know, 100gsm sublimation paper is the most widely use gram on the market, someone insist 100gsm, but need very cheap price, How to do? your supplier can give you a support, but cant give every time you ask, if the price you need cheaper than the produce cost, ho to do the business?


75gsm Sublimation Paper


Today we will introduce you our 75gsm sublimation paper, same quality as the 100gsm, also have the very cheap price. The light-weight 75gsm sublimation paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial textile printing. Transfer times and/or temperatures can be reduced significantly and still achieve the same vibrant colours any other product is standing for.Especially suited for industrial printers(e.g. MS Italy, Mimaki TS500 and Reggiani printers) .


75gsm Sublimation Paper


The light-weight 75gsm sublimation paper has ultra-fast ink abdorption and drying, excellent runnability and outstanding efficiency also enhanced colour release and densities, its good for lycra materials like cycling and Swim&Surfwear, 100% polyester(stretch) like cycling, running, ice hockey wear,also the sports and functional textiles.


75gsm Sublimation Paper


Free samples was prepared, if any interested, pls feel free to contact us, we will provide you the free samples for test.


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