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What's The Usage Of Our 88gsm Sublimation Paper Transfer


In the last few years, sublimation was more and more faster than before, due to the easy-operation, low-cost and environmental of sublimation, with the development of the paper, recently our company produce an New gram 88gsm Sublimation Paper.


88gsm sublimation paper


Sublimation is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals and polyester cloth. Our 88gsm Dye sublimation paper can reproduce images on a variety of flexible and rigid substrates, which can endure the amount of heat, pressure and time necessary for image transfer. With two primary areas of focus, including sublimation to textiles/soft fabrics as well as rigid substrates, dye sublimation paper enables the production of items such as point-of-sale applications, banners, custom flags, license plates, snowboards and promotional pieces.


88gsm sublimation paper


In the digital imaging area, our 88gsm sublimation paper takes place in a special laminator in which temperature,time and pressure vary depending on the polymer receiving material. Surfaces for sublimation need to be specialty-coated or polymer-coated to accept inks and sublimation conditions vary depending on the heat transfer press being used, making it necessary for print providers to determine optimal temperature, pressure and dwell time conditions based on individual heat presses. When the heating process is completed, the image on the sublimation transfer paper has been fully transferred to the item and has become part of the surface- requiring no surface protection and resulting in a permanent, durable image that cannot be rubbed or washed off.


88gsm sublimation paper


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