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The Introduce For Our New Generation FBS 90gsm Sublimation Paper


To help customer save the printing cost, our company research and development a new kind of sublimation transfer paper -new generation 90gsm sublimation papers, this kind paper dry fast also with very high ink absorption capacity, pushing well beyond the boundaries of ink drying. Especially designed to dry industrial dye sub inks of increased glycol content for Kyocera print heads.


90gsm sublimation paper


The advantages for our 90gsm sublimation transfer paper:1.Instant-dry with extra-high ink absorption capacity 2.Excellent dunnability and outstanding efficiency 3.Recommended for designs with dark, saturaed colours or high ink loads, so its very suit for Sports and functional textiles, personalized interior, skis and snowboards.


90gsm sublimation paper


Our 90gsm sublimation paper not only have good quality, also have the superiority price, so attract many customer on this FESPA, some customer do the testing directly on our booth by themself.


90gsm sublimation paper


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