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What's Exactly Function Of J-Teck Sublimation Ink


J-Teck offers a variety of disperse dye digital inks for both sublimation transfer and direct print to fabric. We talked J-Teck inks is the J-Teck sublimation ink, our company are constantly evolving, meeting the demands of the modern printing world. We also offer feeders and setters for most printer models. Together our sublimation paper and inks provide vibrant images on almost any substrate.


J-TECK Sublimation Ink


Today, we will detail introduce you the J-Teck sublimation ink we provide, J-Teck sublimation inks are dispersed dyes within an eco-friendly liquid carrier that are printed onto paper. The dispersed dyes are transferred from the paper to a textile creating a vibrant image. J-Teck’s ink formula has made it possible for the dyes to run through high speed print heads without clogging. Sublimation inks have a wide variety of applications, from sports-wear to plastic substrates.Transfer rate is usually more than 80%.It will reach up to 90% on special coated transfer paper.


J-TECK Sublimation Ink


J-Teck sublimation ink especially designed to be used on digital printers having piezo printing heads. They are particularly suitable for digital printing on polyester textiles used in sports and outer wear, as well as for a variety of plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of skis, snowboards, skateboards, windsurfs and other products. The image is printed on coated paper and then transferred (heating temperature around 210 °C) on polyester fabrics, or mixed synthetic fabrics containing polyester in a min. quantity of 60%.For the application on plastic materials, such as polyammide, the transfer temperature varies according to the type of substrate and its chemical-physical characteristics. For instance, the plastic sheets used in skis and snowboards manufacturing are transferred at 170-180 °C .


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