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The Detail Introduce For The Heavy Weight 120gsm Sublimation Paper


120gsm heavy weight sublimation transfer paper is fast drying, specially coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks. This gram paper is desinged for higher ink loads and detailed patterns of work. Now, even 120gsm sublimation paper are less needed than before, but also have part customer insist use it. Today we will introduce you the advantages of our 120gsm sublimation paper.


120gsm sublimation paper


120gsm heavy weight sublimation paper are Instant-dry with extra-high ink absorption capacity, excellent durability and outstanding efficiency ecommended for designs with dark, saturated colours or high ink loads. So our 120gsm sublimation paper have the stable good quality, although some customer use light weight sublimation paper to save money, but there are also someone care the quality, so if you want the good quality transfer result, maybe you can test it, it will be better for sports and functional textiles, Home Internal, also the advertisement printing.


120gsm sublimation paper


We do the sublimation paper for about 10 years, our customer all ove the world, end user, retail also the import agent, why not have a try, i believe you will like!


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