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Which Variety Of Ink And Paper Can Be Suitble For Mug Press Machine ?

Sublimation mug press machine which is one of the heat press machine has the high utilization rate and enjoy the honorable reputation in the sublimation printing world, its also one of the most important heat transfer equipment. All of people who work in the heat transfer correlation industry know that generally sublimation transfer paper and sublimation ink is indispensable when they do transfer. Mug press machine also need to use them to finish printing process. Through the above simple introduction, here ink sublimation.com would like to explain what kinds of ink & paer will be used? First of all, let us to know the features of sublimation transfer paper and sublimation ink as below: The characteristics of the sublimation transfer paper:Size: A4, A3, roll of paper 1, Sublimation paper has stronger & faster ink absorption power, and good permeability to get a nice transfer result; 2, Under the high temperature & pressure, the surface of the heated sublimation transfer ink thought sublimation paper transfer to the objects, which form a colorful image at last. So, the sublimation products are durable, the image will not fall off, crack and faded .

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Sublimation transfer paper , as a product of deep processing of paper, has obvious difference from general paper .In detail,it is the common printing paper with special surface coating processing, which make it can not only absorb water-based ink but also make drops do not spread to the surrounding, and fully maintain the original color and clarity.
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The vital features of dye sublimation ink :
1, General won't block nozzle, suitable for continuous ink system.
2, Color reduction degree good, lifelikeness. Transfer printing effect and quality than other brands of thermal transfer ink to bright 2-5 times, there would be no dark heavy and can't coloring.
3, Adhesion, abrasion resistance and the waterproof performance is good, will not fade for long time.
4, the design of transfer to the item is not easy to partial color.Above introduction has the characteristics of sublimation ink and paper are all ordinary paper and ink can't achieve, so the mug press machine must use with the sublimation transfer paper and sublimation ink.