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Whats the Different Between A4 Sublimation Paper And Heat Transfer Paper


Sublimation paper is used for polyester material fabric and sublimation coated products like sublimation coated mugs, ornaments, glass etc.. There are piece size and roll size sublimation paper. Piece size like A4 and A3 size is used for polyester tshirt, sublimation mugs, ornaments some small types products. Roll size like 44'',63'' is used for large format machine to print design on bedsheet, sportswear, etc.. Both types need to use inkjet printer, like Epson Mimaki,to print design. Also, the ink must be sublimation ink.


heat transfer paper


Heat transfer paper is used for cotton material fabric mainly for tshirt. The cotton content over 70%, we recommend to use heat transfer paper. As the tshirts/fabric is with different colors, so the transfer paper is with different types for different color tshirts/fabric. Transfer paper has two types: dark and light. Dark transfer paper could be used to dark tshirts/fabric, like black, red, brown, etc.. Light transfer paper could be used to light tshirts/fabric, like light yellow, white, light pink, etc.. Also, as the paper is with light and dark, which could be used for different kind of printer. If your printer type is laser, like OKI, the laser dark/light transfer paper is suitable for you. If your printer type is inkjet, like Canon, the inkjet dark/light transfer paper is a good choice for you. You could use normal ink, dye ink or pigment with transfer paper to print your design on the cotton tshirts. We recommend to use pigment ink, which is the most stable one


heat transfer paper


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