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Do You Want Start Use High Speed Sublimation Paper

With the development of high speed papers, manufacturers anticipate for the ever-increasing speed of the inkjet printers. These high speed papers that dry considerably faster than the regular ones, meet the requirements of the latest generation of printers and even of tomorrow’s printers. It is especially noteworthy that the faster drying is not obtained at the expense of the transfer yield. The high speed paper fulfills the highest coloristic demands. Many print shops use the same color profiles for “high speed” paper as they do for regular paper.


sublimation ink

After high speed transfer paper made its appearance onto the market, ink manufacturers introduced similar high speed inks. All elements of transfer printing seem to be advancing in parallel with production speeds, be it the print heads, printers, paper or ink.

 sublimation ink


So if you really want to start the high speed paper, need match with the high speed machine and high speed ink. Price is the largest superiority of this paper.


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