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The Tips For Use Light T-shirt Transfer Paper


Light T-shirt Transfer Paper transfers images easily from an inkjet printer to a light coloured T-shirt and many other light coloured fabrics and surfaces and gives a high degree of washability and durability. So, more and more people like to use the transfer paper to make the T-shirt by themself, because they can choose the image which they like.

 T-shirt transfer paper

Generally speaking, now the heat transfer process are no stranger to many person, they like transfer the T-shirt at home, as a T-shirt paper supplier, there are some tips i want to share with each other.

1). Wash t-shirt, in cold water, before ironing on transfer

2). You can cut around the transfer before ironing on t-shirt so it does not look   so square.

3). Wash inside out, again in cold water, on hand wash or gentle cycle, by itself.

4). If you like, you can air dry T Shirt or machine dry on LOW at 15 minutes first, if not dry yet, dry for another 15 minutes.

5). Please make sure HOT iron is out of reach from little hands.


 T-shirt transfer paper

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