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Whats The Advantages Of The Low Gram Sublimation Paper

As we all know, with the development of the printing technology, more and more customer want save the printing cost from paper and ink, so use the high speed machine is a trend.

 57gsm sublimation paper

To maximize print efficiency, our company has launched sublimation transfer paper with 57gsm, this type paper is ideal for high speed indusrial printers like MS Italy and Reggiani printers, very economical and complement the weakness of other brand transfer paper.

 57gsm sublimation paper

This Coated ultra-light weight 57gsm sublimation paper print drying equipment can basically do not have or use the cold wind blow that can make paper drying can save energy. A high transfer rate can meet the requirement of textile transfer printing.Also because the manufacturing process is different from the 100 grams of product, its anti curl performance very good, even if the air is very dry. It is not a self crimping phenomenon, therefore is suitable for roll transfer printing is also suitable for cutting sheet printing and transfer printing.

A high concentration of ink can be used.


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