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How to Coating A Dye Sublimation Blanks


Making your own blanks for imprinting in dye sublimation involves coating hard substrates. Once coated, the substrate will accept dye sublimation ink during a heating process. A soft substrate does not require a coating but has specific requirements for accepting sublimation ink under a heat press. The substrate must be polyester or a blend of synthetic materials. Purchase blanks ready to imprint or in bulk rolls for custom design.


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Fill the paint sprayer with a clear polyester coating. Attach the sprayer to an air compressor to apply the coating to the selected substrate. Common substrates for use in the dye sublimation process are fiberglass re-enforced plastic (FRP), medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and ceramic tile. Since you are making your own blank, the substrate should be uncoated.


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Spray one coat of the liquid polyester onto the surface of the substrate. Allow to completely dry before applying a second coat. Do not touch the coated substrate. Allow at least two hours for the coating to completely dry. Apply a second coat.


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