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What Type of Sublimation Paper Will Be Better for The Mugs

The process of transferring a design onto another item through heat and pressure is called dye sublimation. This process can be performed on a variety of different materials, including clothing items like t-shirts and sweatshirts, mouse pads and coffee mugs. When applying designs onto mugs, you'll need a special kind of paper to produce a clean, crisp transfer and avoid ink runs or smudges. Some sublimation paper brands work better than others for different types of applications, so need experiment with your press, printer and paper to find the right combination for the best quality.


super fast dry sublimation paper

We have one kind 100gsm super fast dry sublimation transfer paper will be better for the mugs, this kind paper we specially produce sheet size like A3, A4, its famous for its fast dry speed, and bright colour, many customer think our super fast paper will be better than sawgrass paper. If you are in the market for sublimation T-shirts and mugs , trust me, have a try, you will like it.


super fast dry sublimation paper

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