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New Customer Come To Visit Our Company

Last week, i share one good news, that our company produce a new kind

sublimation transfer paper, cheap price 120gsm dry sublimation transfer paper,

this kind paper have three advantages:

1. Instant-dry with extra-high ink absorption capacity

2. Excellent durability and outstanding efficiency

3. Recommended for designs with dark, saturated colours or high ink loads

We send out some samples for who interested.

sublimation transfer paper


Today two new customer come to visit our company, and testing our new 120gsm sublimation transfer paper again in our office, the Testing result was prefect for the bright transfer colour, high transfer rate and the high dry speed.


sublimation transfer paper

If you want the good quality and price, dont hesitate to contact us!!!


More info ,pls contact us :

Company Name:Full Color Paper Industrial Co.,LTD

Website: www.sublimationstar.com  

Email: sales@sublimationstar.com

Tel : 025-86628894