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What's The Tacky Sublimation Paper

Tacky sublimation paper is one type of sublimation paper, the difference is that it has a tackified coating. The tackified coating will be activated by heat. After the tackified coating is activated, it will adhere to the textile very firmly, so after the transfer is finished and when you lift the press up, the paper will still firmly adhere to the textile, it prevents the paper and textile from moving, the ghosting will not occur.

 tacky sublimation paper

The tacky paper is mostly used in stretch material such as lycra, the stretch material has a elastic, it is much easier moving during the transfer. But even though you are using the stretch material , doesnt mean you still need to use tacky sublimation paper, that depends on the heat press machine.

 tacky sublimation paper

It usually applications on Cycling clothes, Sportswear, Swimsuit and more elastic fabric and some without shrinking treatment fabric.Because the tacky is stronger,so the paper can firmly catch the fabric, so it can not have the double image in the producing.

 tacky sublimation paper


For the tacky sublimation paper our company have two kind, semi sticky sublimation paper and high tacky sublimation paper, you can depand on your needs choose the best paper.


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