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How To Analyze The Correct Print Side Of Your Sublimation Paper

Sublimation is a kind of paper coated paper, sublimation transfer paper with most positive and negative for printing. If you printed on the wrong side, the transfer will not have the best color, will lead to poor transfer, which looks mottled, you have to test again. So how to identify the correct printed side?

 sublimation printing paper

Okay, let's talk about roll size sublimation transfer paper. This is very easy, because the outside is the printing surface. After receiving a roll of paper, you just need to load the paper into the printer, and then start working. There will never be a chance that you will be printed on the wrong side. You'll see that it's very embarrassing if you install the wrong side of the paper and can't print as usual.

 sublimation printing paper

Then.  Let's analyze the sheet size of sublimation paper. Many customer produce T-shirts, mugs, and gifts like use sheets sublimation paper like A2 A3 A4. People always ask their suppliers "which side print", the answer is usually "brighter side is the printing surface, but is not good for some people, like me, can not see the small differences between the two side, so we still have a big problem in determining the right side. Today, we will share with you a useful reminder: wet your finger and thumb, press the paper to one end, it will be more firmly on the right side of the sublimation stick on the finger, this is because it contains the polymer layer, making it an ideal choice for sublimated.


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