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New 120gsm A4 Size Sublimation Paper For All

Hi everyone, we are back from national holiday today, There are a good news for all.


We development a new kind of sublimation paper, 120gsm A4 size sublimation paper , we also have the 120gsm sublimation paper before, but just roll size, Now we can supplier you the A4 size, this kind paper have the good transfer colour and the high transfer rate, we have doing the test, also send many to our customer, they test it and think its the same quality as beaver and sawgrass paper. But our price will be better than them.


120gsm sublimation paper


Normal Inkjet printer like Epson, Mutoh all can use.


120gsm sublimation paper


If interest, dont hesitate, pls contact us, we will send you the samples of our new 120gsm A4 size sublimation paper for testing!



More info ,pls contact us :

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