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What's The Main Performance Parameters Of The Sublimation Ink

Sublimation ink for inkjet printers requires high thermal and chemical stability. So what will effect the performance parameters of the ink printing.

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First, the viscosity and surface tension: viscosity is the resistance of liquid flow, the liquid surface tension is related to the formation of liquid droplets, in general,sublimation ink need have a low viscosity, high surface tension, to ensure good flow properties and droplet morphology


Second, the PH value: that the concept of liquid PH, the more acidic solution, the lower the PH value, on the contrary, the more alkali solution, the higher the PH value. In order to prevent ink corrosion nozzle, PH value should generally be between 7-12.


Third, the conductivity: for the sublimation ink, the conductivity value is used to reflect the level of salt content. In general, the salt content can not exceed 0.5%, in order to avoid the formation of crystals in the nozzle clogging.


Fourth, the dispersant: a kind of surface active agent, its role is mainly to improve the physical properties of the ink surface, and enhance the affinity of the ink and the sponge, wetting. Therefore, in general, the ink is stored and transmitted through the sponge.

 sublimation ink

Select the best quality materials, check the parameters of the above indicators!


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