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Whats The Superiority Of Our Sublimation Ink

Nowadays, sublimation printing are widely use in the digital printing field. As a supplier, why customer choose your products?

 sublimation ink

1. Our sublimation ink using high-quality imported raw materials, fine particles, the average size of 0.2um, fluency, not clogging the print head, suitable for continue printing;the unique formula of environmental protection, not damage the print head.

2. Our sublimation inks will keep the printer head clean, so there is no broken line in long term printing. All of this will improve the reliability, productivity, and efficiency of your printing machine.

3.The size of sublimation dye particle. The smaller the particle, the better the quality. If the particle is too big, first it will block the printing head. Second the printing result and transfer result will not be fine and smooth,you could see some small particles through magnifying lens.

4.As we all know, for sublimation ink , a very big problem is that the black color is not black enough. If the color is not pure, no doubt it could not restore the original design to your substrate.

 sublimation ink

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