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How To Use Sublimation Paper Transfer 100% Cotton Fabric

 As we all know, sublimation transfer paper just can transfer the fabric under 30% cotton, so is there any way to transfer 100% cotton? Many company has do the testing want to solve this problem, can it come ture?

For sure, Our company have find a material which can help sublimation use on the 100% cotton. We called sublimation partner.

I have arrange some picture to share how to use the sublimation paper transfer the 100% cotton, of course, need together with sublimation partner.


1.Put the 100% T-shirt on the heat press, heating it before do the transfer. Put the sublimation partner on the t-shirt then heating, let the sublimation printing fuse to the T-shirt.

sublimation printing


2.Put the sublimation paper with image on the area( where heating the sublimation partner) then heating again.

sublimation printing


3.Okay, check the results, its amazing, transfer the image on the 100% cotton, with the high transfer rate, the colour looks brighting!

sublimation printing


Tomorrow i will make an video to YouTube, if anyone interest, Pls leave an message, i will share the YouTube link with you, also the detail infromation you can check from our website


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