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Three Things You Should Pay Attention to about Sublimation Paper

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Using dye sublimation paper is slightly more expensive than using regular ink and paper, but the outcomes can completely change the way people view your work. Dye sublimation paper brings a smooth and proper ink to paper transition to the table. If you want to use dye sublimation paper for a project, then there are five things you should know about it.

You Can’t Use it In a Regular Printer

 If you try to use dye sublimation paper in a regular printer, you won’t get the same results. Chances are that your print job will get messed up if you use the dye sublimation paper in a regular printer, so make sure to invest in a printer suited to the paper that you’re using. If you are responsible with dye sublimation printer, then you’ll never have to buy another one and use finances that you don’t have.

Sublimation Ink Is important

In order to use dye sublimation paper, you need the type of ink that goes with it. Sublimation ink shows up better on sublimation paper and also makes sure that the paper doesn’t warp due to the amount of ink on it. This is why it’s so convenient to use sublimation products for projects that require a lot of work and ink.

It is best to use dye sublimation paper for large advertising or branding projects. Make sure to ask your boss or friends about what type of paper and ink you should be using for your projects. They may request a certain type of finished product, so make sure you listen to their concerns and comments carefully.

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It Maybe Costs More Money

Although dye sublimation paper doesn’t cost that much more than regular ink and paper, it costs more money to invest in a dye sublimation printer and sublimation ink. Creating projects for campaigns and other events shouldn’t have to be messy. The colorful printer ink shouldn’t be smudging everywhere, so if you want a high quality print job that doesn’t bleed through the paper, then dye sublimation ink is the way to go.

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